The recording of Stephen Couling's talk on Drunlanrig and the Trees for Life project is now available to view.

Falkland Society: Newsletters

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  • January 2024: Talk by David Munro: 'Drumlanrig Castle: the archival treasures of a great Scottish country house'; The Church of Santa Caterina in Palermo


  • December 2023: Talk by Victoria Perry – 'A Bittersweet Heritage'; Stories of Remembrance – a response from Charles Smith, letter cutter; Cupar's Big Weekend.
  • November 2023: Stories of Remembrance; 'Trees for our Times' exhibition; The new Scottish Galleries.
  • October 2023: Lily Barnes; Doors Open Days; Book review: Steeple Chasing.
  • September 2023: Sarah Brown; Falkland Parish Church; Markinch Church,

(No Newsletter in July or August)

  • June 2023 end of season update: The Falkland Society online; Scottish churches - a community asset?
  • June 2023: Ross Burgess; obituary (Tessa Kilbane); "The Church", Dublin
  • May 2023: Catherine Rice; Lake District travels
  • April 2023: Tom Addyman; Jean Drew exhibition; Ruskin and the Crafts
  • March 2023: Nic Boyes; Ruskin and the Crafts,;obituaries (Rory Young, Dr Jean Balfour, Vanessa Stephen); Flooring the World; Falkland's Spring Gardens.
  • February 2023: Arjun Shivaji Jain: Ruskin and the Crafts; Fife Churches at Risk; Multiple Maries.
  • January 2023: Tess Darwin; Flooring the World.


  • December 2022: Amy Woodson-Boulton: Flooring the World; the Factory Site; Brithdir Church; obituaries (Bruce Patullo, Karl Franz, HM Queen Elizabeth)
  • November 2022: Mary Contini.
  • October 2022: Benjamin Tindall; Harvest Fest; Flooring the World.
  • September 2022: AGM; Fife Churches at Risk; Archaeology Partnership; Arandora Star.

(No Newsletter in July or August)

  • June 2022: Marietta Crichton Stuart; Arandora Star; Naples.
  • May 2022: Charles Dundas; New Treasurer; Cultural heritage.
  • April 2022: Future of the Falkland Estate; Voices from Venice; The Lomond; Venice in March.
  • March 2022: Ben Tindall; Voices of Venice; Millfield in snowdrop time; Climate action
  • February 2022: Rory Young; Voices of Venice
  • January 2022: Kieran Allan; Scots Italians; Voices of Venice; Falkland Historic Buildings


  • December 2021: Josh Davie's film; Voices of Venice; Celebrating Cupar and Falkland; Falkland Historic Buildings.
  • November 2021: John Ruskin; Falkland Literature and Lyrics Festival; Cupar annual lecture.
  • October 2021: AGM report; Fiona Fisher; New leaflets; Chronicle of 1927; Cupar Societies Fair and cultural events; The Hopetoun Column.
  • September 2021: Abbotsford; Flax and Linen festival; Traditional building skills.
  • August 2021: Wemyss visit; Ruskin and Glenfinlas.
  • July 2021: Open gardens weekend; From Falkland to Moffat.
  • June 2021: David F. Wilson; Falkland Historic Buildings.
  • May 2021: Alexandra Lotz; A rural paradise.
  • April 2021 supplement: Karen Dundas; Alexandra Lotz;
  • April 2021: Karen Dundas; Historic Falkland; Obituary: 7th Marquess of Bute.
  • March 2021: Tom Christian; Falkland Historic Buildings; Rod Kelly.
  • February 2021: Marietta Crichton Stuart; The Wiki; Public lettering.
  • January 2021: Falkland's Historic Buildings; Obituary: George Mackie; Venice; Old Scots language.