The recording of Stephen Couling's talk on Drunlanrig and the Trees for Life project is now available to view.

Recordings of Meetings, 2020–22

As a result of the coronavirus restrictions, our planned monthly meetings were suspended from March 2020 onwards. The season re-started from June, but with online meetings via Zoom. The new season started in September, again online. Almost all of the online meetings have been recorded.

Click on any of the dates below to see the recordings (most of which last about an hour or so).


14 February 2024: Stephen Couling on 'The Trees for Life Project'

10 January 2024: David Munro on 'Drumlanrig: The archival treasures of a great house'


13 December 2023: Victoria Perry on 'A Bittersweet Heritage – Slavery, Architecture and the British Landscape'

8 November 2023: Peter Burman on 'Stories of Remembrance'

11 October 2023: Lily Barnes on 'Flooring the World'

13 September 2023: Sarah Brown on life at 10 Downing Street and her charity, Theirworld

14 June 2023: Ross Burgess on 'Reflections of the ancient world in Scotland'

12 April 2023: Tom Addyman on 'A tale of a few grottos: archaeology of Scottish garden buildings'

8 March 2023: Nic Boyes on 'Climate change action and historic buildings; old buildings / new roles'

8 February 2023: Arjun Shivaji Jain on 'The state of contemporary craftsmanship in India'.

11 January 2023: Tess Darwin on 'Through the eye of the needle: working with the grain of the Falkland landscape'.


14 December 2022: Amy Woodson-Boulton on 'The crisis of plastics and the pollution they cause'.

9 November 2022: Mary Contini on 'Friend or foe: a story of immigration'.

12 October 2022:'The wonders of Jupiter Artland' by the architect, Ben Tindall.

14 September 2022: 'Use them or lose them: Fife churches at risk' by our Chair, Peter Burman

15 June 2022: 'John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, Third Marquess of Bute, and his impact on Falkland and St Andrews' by his great-granddaughter, Marietta Crichton Stuart.

11 May 2022: Charles Dundas on 'Reviving the wild heart of Southern Scotland'.

13 April 2022: Ninian Stuart and Joe Fitzpatrick, 'The Unfolding future of the Falkland Estate'.

9 February 2022: Rory Young, sculptor and letter-cutter, talking about his life and work.

12 January 2022: Kieran Allan, 'The Tricolore and the Saltire', The story of the Italian community in Scotland.